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About Our Program

We are a local non-profit organization that strives in quality of care and compassion. Our goal is to create a nurturing, healthy environment and fostering healthy skills and strong friendships.

The Windham Raymond School Aged Childcare program in Windham, Maine, is a pillar of support and enrichment for families in the community. With a steadfast commitment to providing a safe and nurturing environment for children, our program plays a pivotal role in the lives of working parents. Offering before and after school care, full days and vacation week care, and summer programming, we cater to the children of the Windham and Raymond communities. Our dedicated staff at Windham Raymond School Aged Child Care focus on fostering the holistic development of each child, promoting their physical, emotional, and cognitive growth. Through their dedication and unwavering commitment, our program strives to offer peace of mind to parents and a vibrant, supportive community for children to thrive.

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